What People are Saying about AQCS Services

Jost Australia has been consulting with Australian Quality Control Services since March 2004. AQCS are a vital resource to our company, in fact, we consider them an extension and integral part of our business. Whilst always striving to ensure compliance in our Quality Management and Safety Systems, AQCS provide innovative and user friendly solutions to compliance issues and situations that arise. The regular evaluation of our systems ensures that we are always up to date with new legislation and using non-complicated practices to meet compliance. I would have no hesitation in recommending Australian Quality Control Services to any client looking at ensuring legislative compliance and best business practices.

Grace Murphy Operations Manager, Jost Australia

Hologic (Australia) Pty Ltd have had the pleasure of working with the Professional AQCS team for over 10 years. Throughout this time, Hologic has undergone merger and acquisitions, huge growth and diversification of our business profile, yet AQCS have consistently supported us with their thorough, investigative and knowledgeable team members. They continue to demonstrate how flexible and reliable they are, vital to any company taking QA seriously.

Holly Simmonds Managing Director, Hologic (Australia) Pty Ltd

The Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Limited has worked closely with Australian Quality Control Services since 2004, when they were appointed to assist the Agency in gaining certification under ISO 9001, and to act as our internal auditors on an ongoing basis.

Although acting for the Agency as the internal audit team; through their quality management experience with varied clientele from different industries, this relationship has provided sound input into the improvement of our quality management system.

Their professional staff are always willing to assist, and are highly regarded by the Agency’s management team and staff.

Les Oliver Project & Quality Manager, Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Ltd

The NSW Soil Conservation Service has used the services of AQCS as an internal auditor of its quality, safety and environmental systems since 2005. The standard of audits provided by AQCS is excellent, making external audits practically a formality. AQCS auditors readily assist in developing simple and clear forms and procedures that make our IMS user friendly for all staff.

Guy Van Owen Area Manager, NSW Soil Conservation Service

Over the past 14 years of association, AQCS has not only ensured Sprintquip to be ISO 9001 accredited without issue, but has also helped to ensure a safe working environment and a quality system that benefits both our employees and customers. AQCS has seen Sprintquip develop and grow over the years and their consultants have seamlessly adapted to our growth with professional and expert council.

Peter Faletoese National Service Manager, Sprintquip

Integrated Wireless is an Australian company focused on delivering ruggedised wireless communication solutions to the Healthcare, Manufacturing, Corrective Services, Retail and Educational sectors.

Naturally, the effective operation of our Quality Management System and on-going ISO 9001 certification is core to our business operations. AQCS have provided contracted support for the development and maintenance of our QMS for approximately ten years. Their support has been invaluable in assisting us to design and implement effective policies and procedures which meet our operations requirements and ensure compliance with the Standard. I particularly appreciate the focus they have on establishing processes which assist our business rather than merely creating process for process’ sake.

Leo Silver Managing Director, Integrated Wireless

AQCS have consulted for Varian Medical Systems for 10 years. During this time they have successfully assisted us set-up and maintain our Quality Management System in order to obtain and retain our ISO accreditation. Our level of comfort in the services of AQCS is such that we no longer consider them consultants; but rather as trusted business partners.

Chris Cowley Managing Director, Varian Medical Systems Australia

In October 2006 Acme Services required triple certification within 3 months from being awarded a contract to meet the requirements of our largest and most important client at the time. Our previous consultant had issued us, at great expense, with systems and procedures that were generic and did not reflect our processes. After 3 disastrous Pre-Audits that exposed the incompetence we were left on our own only 2 weeks out from our first Certification Audit.

At this point we called around and everyone we spoke to about our situation told us that to get certified was impossible and that we were going to have to default on our contract. Everyone, except for AQCS. In no uncertain terms Craig told us that it could be done. The minute we met him we knew that this was no bravado, this was a man and a company that cared as much about our deadline and our business as we did. This is a company with the best work ethic we have ever seen.

By that afternoon the whole team from AQCS was in our office or on the phone with guns blazing. Questions being shot left, right and centre about how we operate the business. “How do you do this?”, “Where is the evidence for that?”, “Where is this record?”, “How do you store this?”, “Who performs this task?”, “Where are their qualifications?” Keyboards were pounding away at a ferocious speed, Policies and Procedures being written at a rate of knots. It was a very impressive site.

AQCS held our hand throughout the 3 certification audits. For 6 long days they played defence like a pack of front row forwards. Every day after the Audit finished they stayed back with us and helped to prepare us for the next day. Any issues that arose out of the Audit on day 1 were miraculously resolved by Day 2, the same for Day 3 and 4. By Day 5 our Systems were up and running like they had been there for years. By Day 6 we nearly had our feet up on the desk we were so confident that we would be certified.

We made it, were certified to Quality, OHS & Environmental Standards in December of 2006. No Non-Conformances issued. Without AQCS’s professionalism, experience and fierce determination we are 100% certain that we would have never been successful.

After our successful certification we took AQCS on as consultants with regular monthly visits scheduled. During this time without the pressure of time constraints we have been able to modify and streamline our systems to a point where they are easy to manage and have enhanced our business.

Over the years we have worked with all of the Consultants at AQSC and have found everyone one of them to be incredibly experienced, professional, knowledgeable and reliable.

AQCS are service orientated and have always made sure that our systems reflect the nature of our processes and that they work for us. Our systems have been integrated effortlessly into our daily work practices and have been easily adopted by our staff.

We would have no hesitation to recommend AQCS and will be forever grateful for all that they have done for us in the past.

For a personal recommendation please do not hesitate to contact me.

Leanne Evelyn-Charles Integrated Business Systems Manager, Acme Services Pty Ltd.