Frequently Asked Questions

Management Systems, Accreditation and Consultation FAQs

We have a peerless 100% success rate in all external third party certification audits. No AQCS client has ever failed an external third party certification management systems audit. In over 25 years, no client has ever lost their certification whilst retaining AQCS as their auditor.

AQCS has consultants with dedicated experience in a wide range of industries, including financial services, insurance, retail, manufacturing, construction, logistics and more. Within these industries we offer a tailored focus on quality assurance, OHS/WHS, industrial relations, environmental and ecological compliance, risk management and the people based processes you need to develop your business for the future.

Because we work closely with all clients with a goal-based methodology, our job is not done until you have achieved your objectives. In partnership with clients, we establish tangible goals and solid timeframes. We get results, because we aren’t finished until we do.

In short – professionally. Naturally we operate with full discretion and in line with confidentiality requirements, and have the experience to identify and avoid most potential issues before they arise. In cases where there are unavoidable issues, we identify them and incorporate pre-emptive countermeasures into our operating methodologies.